Five Things That May Help You Save More


Save More

We have to admit that we love spending right? But we have to think that we need to save for our future. If you want a brighter secured future you should definitely start saving now. If you don’t know how, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1.Spending more than what you’ve earn is a casual thing. You’re spending your hard earned money for things you don’t even need. Once you’ve accepted the fact that your spending habits are eventually going to lead you into a downward spiral of debt or bankruptcy, and that you should do everything in your power to stop it, then you’re taking a step in the right direction.

2.Forget the Rich and Famous People. It’s not a bad thing to have famous people you look up to, unfortunately, these “idols” may influence your financial spending budget. We know certain faces in the industry that constantly advertising to buy products and services what they are using. These people are working as influencer to let you buy or spend like they do, they advertise and we have to accept it, they are so tempting right? However, if you need to save money you have to turn your eye close on these people. Treat them as if they don’t exist. Who cares if you can’t buy the same clothes they wear? Who cares if you don’t own the condo they live in? Who cares if you can’t tweet with the same pricey gadget they’re using? Be determined to save money set a goal to save, think you have to live within, even below your means if needed just to save. There’s no looking back, and honestly, you’ll find yourself a little bit happier less stress, no pressure of always having to fit in by having the right gadget or brand or car.

3.Right now, you’ve got to think of the future. This means you need to think big. You’ve got to be ready with sudden changes that may happen to your life. What if you suddenly lose your job? What if a member of your family gets sick? Your savings will ease the burden of these unexpected misfortunes. Remember to avoid using your savings for unplanned purchases. Your savings is not your pocket money, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

4.Use Public Transportation, when you’re squeezed in between people in the MRT or just stuck in traffic while you’re in a public vehicle like bus, sometimes you can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to have your own vehicle. You’d no longer have to wait for the bus or MRT and you’d get home faster, right? Sadly, the traffic, the never ending crushing traffic, in your location day by day are getting worst but thinking to buy a car won’t lessen this traffic. So, it’s much better to ride a public vehicle, it’s cheaper and your more relax to think you get a free driver. Buying a car is good but not a wise investment, maintenance and gas are very expensive today. Leave your house early every morning so you won’t feel the traffic so much and you can always clock in at work on time. This will save you money too since you won’t suffer any salary deductions for being late.

5.Relax and be contented for what you have, think & plan fist before spending your cold cash for the things that’s not an asset for you, There are plenty of other saving tips you can follow, but these five are the most basic tips you can remember.

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