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Focus On Your Business- Become A Productive Business Owner

It seems today that business owners like to multitask. Recent studies even back this up with results indicating that multitasking is the new norm for entrepreneurs who are so busy they can’t afford to do one thing at a time.

For some, multitasking is one way to grow their knowledge on other aspects of business which they think they need to keep up with the ever changing and ever demanding modern business world; while for others, multitasking is one way to save some bucks. While these and other similar reasons are valid, recent studies show that multitasking derail business owners from the most important things they should be focusing on, making multitasking an enemy of business productivity.

For example, some business owners from the manufacturing industry today tend to dive into and study marketing in order to grow themselves as business owners, thinking if they learn marketing, they won’t need the services of a marketing person to do the marketing side of the business. But in terms of efficiency, where productivity stems from, this doesn’t work. You can’t talk while driving, you can’t email while talking on the phone, you can’t shop for groceries while on a conference call (one way or another, you’ll forget the eggs or the flour).

While forgetting some grocery items is not a big deal back at home, in business, you can’t afford to just forget some items. For example, as a business owner of a manufacturing company, you can’t forget to send the ordered goods on their requested date of delivery. If you make this mistake, you will create a bad impression on your clients. Which could lead your clients to think that you’re no longer up for doing business with them. As a result, they might request for their contract with you to be terminated. This, if it ever happens, will have a great impact on your business and to you as a business owner.


Think about the projects that you are working on right now. Are they all going according to plan? And your clients, do you think they’re happy with your company’s output? If your honest answer to both is no, then it’s time to train yourself to jump over the hurdles and focus on what works. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Quit Multitasking. Quit multitasking and focus all your efforts on what works for your manufacturing business, which in this case, is improving the quality of the items that you manufacture, and making sure that they’re delivered on the time requested by your clients.
  • Hire Help. You must find a way to replace yourself for all but the most essential functions. Hire a marketing person to do the marketing part of your business and focus your efforts on making sure that your output is of high quality and will be delivered to your clients on time- to make sure your clients are satisfied.

    Satisfied clients are crucial to your business because they become your brand ambassadors. Not only will they have good things to tell about your company and its output to their family and friends (word of mouth= the most effective form of marketing), but also they are more likely to order more from you and do business with you for more years to come.

  • Set schedule for each activity. Time management is key to be productive in any task and project, especially when you are wearing more than one hat –or worse all hats!

    Learn effective time management and use it in your day to day activities. Get an estimate of how much time you spend managing, strategizing, talking to clients, returning calls on your mobile phone, in administrative tasks and other tasks and responsibilities. List them down and track your progress.

  • Work smart. As a business owner, you need not only to work harder, but also to work smarter to be productive. There are many ways to help you work smarter; one in particular is to use the technology to get organized and productive. Be organized: get rid of those random piles of papers and sticky notes and use a simple electronic/cloud storage system like Dropbox or Google Drive. These are software programs that can help you organize stuff and allow quick and easy access.
  • Be open and flexible. Your day will not always go as planned. Don’t punish yourself. Instead, be open to trying new methods and doing new things. Once you learn and repeatedly practice new skills, they become second nature and will open up whole new opportunities for you.
  • Ask for help If you are overwhelmed, and it is resulting undue stress, don’t suffer in silence. Seek help. Approach a time management consultant or a business coach.

Your business’ growth relies primarily on your high productivity levels, which is achieved if you are focused and not cramming every day. Learn, push, and motivate yourself to be focused on what works and matters most for your business using the tips listed above. This will lead to greater business productivity, which equals greater business growth.

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